Corsair Hydro H45 Review

Why this review? Well having spend quite some time to look for an AIO Closed Water Cooler for my secondary PC, I saw it fit to publish my thougts on the Corsair Hydro H45 AIO.


The Corsair Hydro H45 comes in a small cardboard box which measures 14,5 cm x 27,5 cm x 21,5 cm and the unit within is well protected during transport.

Corsair Hydro H45 Box
Corsair Hydro H45 open box
Content of the box once opened.
Corsair Hydro H45 open box 2
Manual and papers taken out.

The unit itself is shipped in a plastic bag, and the waterblock is protected by a piece of plastic. This to ensure, that the pre-applied thermal paste does not become contaminated. Also there is a duct for the fan, however this was not used at all 🙂 Mounting was supported for quite some standards.

Corsair Hydro H45 box content
Box content
Corsair Hydro H45 water block
The water block with the pre-applied thermal paste

Configuration for test

  • MSI H110M PRO-VH
  • Intel Pentium G4560 Kaby Lake
  • 8 Gb Corsair RAM @ approx 2200 MHz
  • 120 GB KINGSTON SA400S37120G
  • NZXT S340
  • Intake: 2 x 120 mm NZXT mm
  • Exhaust Rear: 1 x 120 mm Be Quiet Be Silent 2
  • Exhaust Top: 1 x 140 mm Be Quiet Be Silent 2

The test was run with the stock Intel cooler.

Before removal of the stock CPU cooler.
The stripped and cleaned CPU
Corsair Hydro H45 installed in Case
The final configuration!

The above states “Final Configuration” and this due to the fact that I had quite some headache trying to get the Pump & Radiator installed. The initial thought was to install it in the read. However doing this would not allow the side panel to go back on due to clearance issue -.- Another alternative was to install the Pump & Radiator on the tob, but again there was clearance issues (this time the RAM). Hence I ended up removing the two NZXT intake fans and instad mounted the Pump & Radiator. It took some time as wires had to be rerun every time. Learning point, measure twice before starting 🙂

Also I removed the pre-applied thermal paste and used Arctic Silver 5 instead as it has more durability to it.

Corsair Hydro H45 Installed

For testing i ran Prime 95 on both the stock configuration as well as with the Corsair Hydro H45 installed. Both configurations stood 30 minutes for idle measurement as well as 30 minutes under full load. I believe it was not nessesary to run it for more as the CPU is not overclocked.

Corsair Hydro H45 Vs Intel Stock

As it can be seen from the above the Corsair Hydro H45 did a better job a both keeping idle tempratures down as well as under load. This is not a big surprice, as one would anticipate that the AIO would perform better than the stock cooler. What came as a suprice though is the noice level of the pump/fan which exceedes the Intel Stock cooler. It will perhaps be an idea to change the fan in the future. Also worth metioning that the fan was switched due to the mounting in the fron in order to suck air through instead pushing it. I am however quite satisfied with how it turned out 🙂